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Legalism is a religion from the teachings of Li Si and Shang Yang.
Legalism was created by Han Feizu. source:
Han Feizi was born around 280 BCE.

Legalism sees people at first in a pessimistic view of our potential. Which kind of means that in the beginning of our live we were seen in a pessimistic way with little positive potential.
Legalists believe the best way to control a humans behavior is through written law rather than ritual customs or ethics.
Legalism emphasizes order above all things.
Legalism had lasting effects on Chinese Government.

they have very strict laws about even the smallest infractions also known as a minor offense (what is an infraction?)
Legalism is a religion that has more of a impact on government first.
The people of Legalism represent a first in Chinese government because they unified the state of Ch'i (explain)
Legalism is trying to win God's approval over rules.
Han Feizi and Shangzi were big contributers to Legalism during the late 200's BCE. (time period?)
Hsun tzu was the founder of a legalistic school.
A Legalist school is called a jia. source: - 21k
There are 3 different components to Legalism: fa, shi, and shu. source: - 21k
fa: The Law. Rulers could make and change laws. Source:
shi: Legitimacy of Rule. The ruler was powerful because of their position, not because the person had any special qualities. Source:
shu: Arts of the Ruler. People must be ruled by someone strong and strict. Source:
Han Feizi is considered the primary text of Legalism. source: - 21k
There are 55 chapters to the Han Feizi. source: - 21k'
Many of these chapters have lists of things to avoid.
Legalism adopted the idea from utitarianism that people should have occupations that materially benefit others.
Shang Yang helped develop legalism by strengthening it as he was governor of the state of Ch'in.
A uniform law code was established under the dynasty of Ch'in. Weights, measures, and currency were standardized.

Their god is God (explain this)
They worship in a shrine
legalism is a type of confusianism.
They believe in Christianity
Their typical practices include trusting one's own goodness.
One important person is Shen Dao
Another is Shen Buhai (why important?) (time period?)
They don't have any important areas (Yes they do, the kaba)
Their population is about 25,000 (At the moment it has a population of zero I think) (At the moment there is not zero but very few followers because it has more of a government effect.
They don't have any religious symbols
Several different founders.

Its followers believed that people are motivated by fear
They also belive that a system of punishment and reward are needed to control everyones behavier.
They belived that the law should be based on the word that accually exists.
They reject both supernatatural and tradution
Legalism was the professed philosophy of goverment of the first Emperor of China
Legalism was the third determining idea of Chinese thinking.
They belive that a good leader maintains
They also think that a good leader will expand the states border if they can
also they think a good ruler governs by using laws, and a systam of reward and punishment
They also belive that bad punishments like death were needed for really bad behavior
external image kongzi.jpg This is a picture of an important chinese philosopher.

legalism can be dated back to about 700 BCE.

(What is this a picture of? Why is it important? Cite the source!)
this is a legalistic shrine

Legalism was a religion during the Quin Dynasty.
The Qin dynasty was based off of the Legalism philosophy. source: - 21k
The Qin dynasty unified China in 221 BCE. source: - 21k
At that time they had a very mean ruler who burned books from the confucian religions.
The Qin dynasty's ruler would cut off a foot or hand at the smallest
mistake. source: - 21k

A belief is: accept righteousness and you will proceed to heaven.
They believed that whatever a ruler wanted was right.
An important people to the religion is: Shi Huang Ghi.
They did not like the confusist religion
Legalism does not use symbols to identify itself.
They can worship anywhere.
Legalism is similar to Daoism. source: - 21k

hanfeizi.jpgThis Is Han Fezi external image 180px-Shangyang.jpgShang Yang statue.

Legalism spread throughout china by hundreds of schools that taught it.
It started at the same period as the beginning of new religious and ideas in the Near East and Greece.
Part of Legalism's preachings is to establish standards for other people when the Bible does not.
A religious belief is,"accept your righteousness and ye shall exceed into the kingdom of heaven."
This is a picture of external image legalism.jpgQin (Ch'in) Dynasty
Their population is zero because the religion has died quickly in China.
Legalism is a type of Chinese government.
Legalism is not headquartered.
Legalists believed that everyone was born evil.
But they believed people could be made good.
Legalism originated in Asia.
A supreme being is Ch'in.
A dynasty is a period of time ruled by the same family.
A important person is Ch'in
They did not like confucious religion.
A religion is something someone believes in.
Han Fei Tzu was an important philosopher.

moz-screenshot-30.jpgmoz-screenshot-31.jpgmoz-screenshot-32.jpg tokyo/springs/6339/jia.jpg
this is legalism written in chinese.

Legalism is actually considered a philosophy, it is not exactly a religion.
They do their "Legalist activities" more so in their mind, then in an actual shrine type place.
Although the religion itself didn't not last a long time, the beliefs that they had left a mark on China.

Legalism is a Chinese philosopy
People who beleave in Legalism are called Legalist
Legaist were first in the Chinese government
Legalism originated in China
A te is moral virtue
Legalist beleave that everyone is born good
Legalism is opposite of confusious
Hsun Tzu was an important person
Han Fe Tzu was another important person
Han Feizi wrote a book because he had a problem with stuttering
This is a picture of a Chinese Philiosper
external image b1_11.jpg